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Power to Arrest

Power to Arrest Courses in Watsonville, CA

Make sure you are fully prepared for the job at hand by enrolling in our Power to Arrest course. The 1 course will guide you in the process of becoming a security professional while also covering the administration of the 45 question exam and “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. We will provide the BSIS guard card registration forms and the livescan fingerprinting forms. This is an open-book test utilizing the "Powers to Arrest" training manual.

*Security Guard Class
*Live Scan (fingerprints on Site)
*State Processing Fee
TOTAL  $240.00  (All Three done within one day)

Student Must be over 18 years of age with a Government Issued ID. It’s important all student must call into the office to schedule an appointment for any class or range time.  We are requiring a deposit of $50 for Guard Class to have a head count.


Register Online

State of California Fees

Upon successful course completion the provided forms must be sent to the state of California with a fee of $55.00 to attain your permit.