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Live Scan Fingerprints

State Fee schedule below:

  • DOJ Firearm Eligibility Application (FEA) Processing Fee (State Fee) - $38.00
  • DOJ Processing (State Fee) - $32.00
  • FBI Processing (if required by licensing agency or employer, State Fee) - $19.00
  • FBI Processing (Volunteers) - $15.00
  • Child Abuse Central Index (CACI) - $25.00

There are two fees involved in the Live Scan process: the rolling (fingerprinting) fee and Mobile travel fee. We charge the rolling fee for all applications.

The fees charged for the background investigation depends on the type of Live Scan application and what level of service is required by the agency that has requested your Live Scan. (The background fee is the fee that the DOJ charges for researching your fingerprints to determine if you have a criminal record or not.)

Background Fees

Range from $25.00 to $130.00
This fee is in addition to the rolling (fingerprinting) fee. On your Live Scan form if it has a billing number, that means that the Requesting Agency requesting your Live Scan will be billed for the background fees of the state named. All you will need to pay is the fingerprint rolling fee. If your form does not have a billing number on it, you will be responsible for paying both the rolling (fingerprinting) fee and the state background fees.
If for any reason your fingerprints need to be resubmitted, DOJ and FBI fees will not apply. There will be a $15 rolling fee for a re-submission if our agency processed your initial fingerprints. In addition, we will need a copy of the letter of denial from the requesting agency.

Ink Fingerprints on FBI FD-258 Cards

Our rolling fees for ink fingerprints is $50.
We provide fingerprint cards free of cost. Our fingerprint cards are original FBI FD-258 cards.

Some common purposes for ink fingerprints is listed below:

  • Personal Record Review is from DOJ only (Record review) or both DOJ & FBI
  • Immigration status
  • Out of state requirements

Notary Public

Notary services are $15 for each Notarized Signature PLUS Travel Fee, if applicable. Travel fees vary to cover the cost of transportation and the time required to get to you.

All notarizations requires in-person verification of identity with NON-EXPIRED State or Federal issued photo ID or Passport. Fill out the document prior to your appointment but DO NOT sign it until you are with the Notary. The Notary will witness your signature.

Payment must be by Cash, Visa or Mastercard at the time of service.