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Continuous Education

A guard card is obtained when the proper documentation and courses are taken and done to ensure that you are a qualified candidate to begin your new employment venture as a security guard. To obtain your guard card, there are courses that you need to take prior to the issuance of a Security Guard Registration. The first step is to take the 8hr class which is provided by Garcia’s Security Training. This course includes, “Power of Arrest” and “Weapons of Mass Destruction” training. The additional thirty-two (32) hours of training that comes after your guard card is approved, and must be completed within the first (6) months of licensure. Eight (8) hours of continuous training must be completed annually and the training may be administered by the employer or by a Bureau- approved course provider.

If you are interested in obtaining your additional 32 hours of training with Garcia’s Security Training, please allow yourself to sign up and begin this new employment venture!

Listed below are the additional courses we offer and they are as follows:

Public Relations (4hr)
The goal of this course is to familiarize and instruct the individual in basic skills and provide a common body of knowledge in the performance of security guard work. As you know, in this field of work you will be working with all kinds of people and it is important that you always maintain your integrity and safety. This course will highlight the necessary steps that you need to take concerning your public relations with others. This course will also highlight your qualities and traits that you must possess and display.

Observation and Documentation (4hr)
The objective of this course is to help you understand the importance of a report and being alert at all times. You as a security officer will be provided with the basic principles and elements of taking notes, observation, and description of a security officer, understanding your function, and appropriate questioning techniques.

Communication and its significance (4hr)
The objective of this course is to help you understand the effectiveness of the use of communication systems. This is extremely important because, to many, you are the sense of security and safety. This manual will also provide you with the means of effective communication and the importance of knowing who to contact and when.

Liability and Legal Aspects (4hr)
The learning goal of this course is to give you an overview of our State’s legal system in California when it comes to administrative laws and criminal laws. You will also be able to identify the difference of a security offer, private control operator, and the client for whom they work. This manual will also teach you how to reduce risks for personal liability and the laws of arrest as it pertains to a private person. You will be provided with the understanding and knowledge of the role of a security officer and you’re posting orders.

Officer Safety (4hr)
The objective of this course is to help you understand the different company policies and to give you an orientation of the procedures and rules an officer must follow. The course objective is to provide the officer with the basic understanding of company reports and paperwork that must be completed before beginning your work and important uniform information. This manual will also help you with the understanding of the process of reporting and other procedures.

Report Writing and Documentation (4hr)
The objective of this course is to give you insight of the different types of security reports and logs that must be made when you are presented with different situations. This course will give you an overview of knowing how to write a report and the important information you must not leave out. It is important to understand this material because you are the eyes and ears of the people and of the company/client you are working for.

Posting Orders and Assignments (4hr)
The objective of this course is to understand the importance of recording and safe storage of lost/found items and articles. In addition, you will understand your post orders and obtain the basic training requires to function properly while at your post. You will also be provided with the knowledge of all equipment that is necessary in order to perform your tasks to the best of your knowledge and ability.

Chemical Agents (4hr)
The objective of this course is to know the principles and limitations of using a hand-held aerosol tear gas weapon for personal protection. You will also have knowledge of the chemical and mechanical properties of the tear gas and the moral principles and regulations of the citizen possession along with the use of the hand-held aerosol tear gas weapon.

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