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OC Spray

Garcia’s Security Training will give you all the tools and information you need to obtain your OC License. Our training facility provides you with the 2hr course you need to take to be able to receive this license. This course will help you understand the components and chemical substance that is associated with the use of this spray. This course will also help you understand PC 12403.7 which states the following:


Tear gas and other chemical agents commonly used in the security professions may only be used after the proper training and certificate have been attained. The following excerpts from the Business and Professions Code explain the requirements.


Business & Professions Code Section 7583.35
Every licensee, qualified manager, or a registered uniformed security guard, who in the course of his or her employment carries tear gas or any other nonlethal chemical agent, shall complete the required course pursuant to Section 22835 of the Penal Code.

Business & Professions Code Section 7583.36
A licensee shall not permit any employee to carry tear gas or any other nonlethal chemical agent prior to ascertaining that the employee is proficient in the use of tear gas or other nonlethal chemical agent. Evidence of proficiency shall include a certificate from a training facility approved by the Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services that the person is proficient in the use of tear gas or any other nonlethal chemical agent.

Business & Professions Code Section 7583.37 (Excerpt)
The director may assess fines as enumerated in Article 7 (commencing with Section 7587). Assessment of administrative fines shall be independent of any other action by the bureau or any local, state, or federal governmental agency that may result from a violation of this article. In addition to other prohibited acts under this chapter, no licensee, qualified manager, or registered security guard shall, during the course and scope of licensed activity, do any of the following:

(d) Carry or use tear gas or any other nonlethal chemical agent in the performance of his or her duties unless he or she has in his or her possession proof of completion of a course in the carrying and use of tear gas or any other nonlethal chemical agent.

This information was taken directly from http://www.bsis.ca.gov/forms_pubs/guardgd.pdf


This training facility also gives you hands on training so that you are comfortable operating this device. After successfully completion this course, you will be able to obtain the license and this license is for a lifetime. NO RENEWAL NEEDED!

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