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ECD / Electronic Control Device

With the aid of references, in accordance with the detailed lesson plan and manual, the student will accomplish the following at a reasonable level of understanding and proficiency by passing the written test and demonstrate sufficient proficiency in the function and use of the TASER ECDs.

To obtain this license you will need to take a 4hr course. This course will prepare and guide you on the uses and the state requirements that you need to know in order to obtain your license. You will be required to read a manual which will help you understand what an Electronic Control Device is and take an examination.

This course will also give you the understanding and knowledge about medical and safety procedures that you will need to know before using the ECD as well as any legal aspects, rules and regulations that is required by law.

Garcia’s Security Training also provides you with hands on training to help you to be able to operate the device. Upon completion of this course, you will receive your license and a certificate that states that you have completed the course and you have knowledge of the operation of an EDC. This license must be renewed every two years. If you bring your license within 60 days before it expires, we can renew it for $50.

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